Emma Pong Rasmussen

Emma Pong Rasmussen was born in Hualian, Taiwan in 1996. But spent the majority of her life in Suzhou, China, where starting at the age of 6, she began playing the piano. In China, she received piano classes from Michael Bischoffberger. In late 2010, Emma moved to Denmark where she received lessons from multiple teachers, including Julia Tabakova, Inke Kesseler. As well as Kristian Giver, and Zara Pirumian while she attended MGK in Aarhus. Emma was admitted to the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus in 2016, where she is currently studying with Søren Rastogi. Through out the years, Emma played many concerts and competitions around the world. She has received numerous prizes, including 1st place in ‘Fyns klaverfestival’. 1st place in the ‘’Berlingske Tidendes Klassiske Musikkonkurrence’’. Gold and Money prizes, for solo, as well as chamber music, in ‘‘Unge Spiller Klassisk.’’

flarup 2011