Francisco Esteban Camacho Pérez

Francisco Esteban Camacho Pérez is officially the last student within Anne Øland’s legacy of piano pedagogues. "To be next to her during so many hours has really influenced the way I teach music nowadays. It requires passion, organization and a clear path to improve piano playing".


He was born in 1989 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, although he starts his musical preparation in the Musical Insular School of Santa Cruz de la Palma. When he was seventeen, he finished the 8th grade of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music with brilliant scores. In 2007, he passed the entrance auditions to the CSMC, so he became a bachelor student in Piano Pedagogy (Gran Canaria, Spain). In 2015, he has finished the master in classical music education (classical piano) Det Jyske Musikkoservatorium. During the last year of master study he got all subjects with the highest marks: Kandidatprojekt, Hovendinstrument, Praktik (begynder niveau), Praktik (videregående niveau).


Nowadays, he is piano teacher at Orkesterefterskole in Holstebro, Musikaftenskole in Aarhus and in Pianorama as well.


Lately, one of his hobbies is to spend time reading about how to influence people through teaching and to analyse piano collection and methods to get the best of each of them.


He has been taught by Anne Øland, Cheng-I Chen Liu, Irina Osipova, Alberto Rosales, Nieves Teresa Nieto, Goretty Peña, Oliver Curbelo, Leon Fleisher, Gustavo Díaz Jerez and José Luis Castillo, among others. Moreover, he has undertaken several courses of pianist accompanist from Juan Antonio Álvarez Parejo.


Additionally to this extra education, he has done the first level of Choral Direction organized by the Euskal Erico Abesbatzen Elkartea in 2006.


He usually collaborates as a pianist with the Young Orchest from Gran Canaria, with the choir Sociedad Filarmónica de Gran Canaria, with the foundation Mapfre Guanarteme and with PROMUSCAN, an organization that spreads the music of canary contemporary composers.


In 2009 he premiered two songs from Nauzet Pérez Sosa in the Chamber Hall of Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, in 2011, within a chamber group. He did the premiere of the piece Juguete nº3 “sin título” from D. Guillermo Lorenzo.


He wants to remark that to be part of PIANORAMA has been one of the most important experiences in his life.

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